Shoot & Share Photo Contest 2016

This was my first year submitting photos into the Shoot & Share Photo Contest. I was so excited to see two of my mine made it to the Top 100 in their category. Here are the photos below.


This is my oldest daughter. We were taking pictures of her and her little sis in their Easter dresses. What I love about it is, this pose was completely candid. She’s was just looking out at the buildings nearby. Who would have thought an old beat up graffiti garage would be the perfect setting to create some gorgeous portraits. I love this picture so much. It’s by far my most favorite photo of her to date. Out of 22,299 photos submitted in the Children: Kids/Teens Category, it placed 22nd. So amazing!


The other photo to make it to the Top 100 was a picture of some beautiful tulips I had gotten for our kitchen table. I think I need to print this up and frame in my house somewhere. It reminds me of spring and is so bright and cheery. Out of 11,400 photos in the Personal Work Category, it placed 80th.

What a fun experience! It was the first time I had ever submitted my photos to be voted on. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but so glad I did. I look forward to next years contest.

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