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It’s a … Baby Hart #2 Gender Reveal!

We are so excited to FINALLY announce if we are having a baby boy or girl. Here’s a little history before the reveal. I know it is a little long, but go ahead and read really quick, and don’t peek.

I’ve been fortunate to be an ultrasound model for the Philips company, which means you get to see your baby and they get to work out all the bugs on the machines to make them better. At 16 weeks I went in for a scan and they knew I was eager to find out gender. A few weeks prior to that I went in for a scan at 13 weeks and they were not able to tell me, although I had a hunch the sonographer had an idea, but didn’t want to say. The sonographer at the 13 weeks scan said usually she does not confirm gender until about 18 weeks. When I saw that I had the same sonographer at the 16 week scan my heart sunk because I knew I probably would not find out. To my surprise, she looked VERY hard and was able to give us an 80% confirmation on what we were having. She has been doing scans for over 20 years and has only been wrong once. My mom joined me on that scan and she and I saw exactly what the sonographer did. We both have been researching the Internet on baby boy and girl gender ultrasounds. We had a pretty good idea of what to look for. I let my doctor know what the sonographer said and he told me that they usually will not tell you unless they are pretty confident. He even said the heartbeat sounded like the gender they told us…not sure if he was just saying that to be nice, or really meant it, lol.

So with that knowledge I was convinced what we were having and wanted to do gender reveal pictures with our 3 year old daughter. I humored my hubby and took both boy and girl. He was still rooting for the 20%. My original idea was to do a cotton candy reveal at the Puyallup Spring Fair. Our baby is due in September and that is during the heart of the fair, one of the biggest well known state fairs. It would be perfect! The Spring Fair only lasts for 4 days so I was on a time crunch, and living in the Pacific Northwest you never know what kind of weather you’ll get. After two attempts at the fair with steady rain melting the cotton candy and a toddler who was clearly not into taking photos and only wanted to ride the rides I decided we had to go to plan B. I got a few photos, but nothing I had envisioned and was happy with. I was bummed, but sometimes you got to go with the flow and that is when I thought to use my second choice pink or blue glitter. Of course the week following the fair our weather was sunny and in the 70’s. Go figure! We jokingly said Baby Charlie wanted to be revealed another way. I think it turned out perfect!

Well, here it goes…

Which handful of glitter will it be?


Does that look like pink?


Why yes it does!


Love this shot! Her little eyelashes are so pretty.


Let’s do that again!


That’s a good one!


I think we are getting the hang of this blowing glitter stuff, lol.


Yay! It’s a girl!


Her face is so cute in this photo.


My baby bump at 19 weeks.


Mady loves kissing my belly aka Baby Charlie.


We saw a momma duck who just had baby ducks. I love all of their fuzzy hair. I thought it was fitting for a baby gender reveal.


E is for Elizabeth.


My beautiful little girl likes to pose. I had a dream her baby sister looks just like her.


Big sister Mady is excited to announce that she is having a BABY SISTER!!! Exactly what the sonographer told us at 16 weeks.

Our beautiful baby girls’ name is Elizabeth “Elle” Evelyn Hart. Elizabeth means oath of God or God is satisfaction. I love that she has a biblical name like her big sister. Evelyn means life. I am estactic that we are having another baby girl. I’ve dreamed of Mady having a sister. She will have a built in forever best friend. My husband and I take our roles as being a mother and father very seriously and we are so blessed. God has given us two healthy baby girls. We have so much to be thankful for and excited to be raising two little ladies, which is so important in our world today. On a side note, Charlie will always be one of her nicknames.