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I am very excited to bring you a new and very meaningful personal project that I am part of with several other very talented women. It’s called Letters to our Daughters. This blog circle is an outlet for us to express our unconditional love and gratitude toward the special little girls in our lives. I hope you’ll join us each month to read our personal thoughts and view our images in honor of our daughters.


My Dearest Mady Grace,

Two weeks ago you started your first ballet class ever. After each class you can’t wait to come home and show us your new poses that you’ve learned. We just got your new dance outfit and had to model the pretty leotard, tights, tutu and shoes. You also look absolutely adorable with your hair up in a ballet bun.

What’s so neat is two of your little friends had just signed up, so that is how I found out about the dance school and class you go to. Then we found out two of the little girls at your preschool, one of mommy’s photographer friends daughter, a friend of mommy’s from high schools daughter and another friend of mommy’s from MOPS daughter all are in your class. Talk about meant to be! You felt so comfortable that first class because you already knew so many of the little girls, whereas before you were so nervous to go. Jesus knew all along where you would end up dancing and made you feel right at home.

It melts my heart to see you have a love for dance. When I found out we were having a baby girl I dreamed of the day you would be in ballet and dance. You see, momma has always loved to dance, ever since she was a little girl. In fact, Uncle Jeff gave me the nickname Eshka Meeshka the Russian Dancing Bear. Don’t ask me where the Russian part came from because we do not have Russian in our blood, lol,  but nonetheless the nickname was fitting because I would flutter and dance around everywhere. G-Ma and G-Pa were unable to put me in dance classes, but when I got to high school I tried out for the dance team and made it. I was on dance team for two years and had an absolute blast. It’s in your blood to dance. You remind me so much of myself. You will dance and sing wherever you go and I just love watching you. I can’t wait to see your recital in a few months. I know I will be crying tears of joy watching you on stage.

I love you so much my beautiful little princess. God has blessed me so much with you. Keep on dancing like no one is watching.

Love you,


I hope you’ve enjoyed this letter and continue reading all the letters from our “Letters To Our Daughters” blog circle. Please follow the link below to read the lovely letter Alisa wrote to her daughter. http://www.monaalisapro.com/#!letters-to-my-daughter/c8ib













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