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I am very excited to bring you a new and very meaningful personal project that I am part of with several other very talented women. It’s called Letters to our Daughters. This blog circle is an outlet for us to express our unconditional love and gratitude toward the special little girls in our lives. I hope you’ll join us each month to read our personal thoughts and view our images in honor of our daughters.

My Dearest Elle,

I can’t believe you are already 17 months old. Next month you will be 1 1/2 years old, you are almost 2. It seems like just yesterday you were born and we celebrated your first birthday. Sigh! You are growing up so fast. Everyday you look more like a toddler and less like a baby. There is so much you are doing these days and I am a bad mommy and do not have a baby book for you yet, but I promise to get you one. In the meantime, I want to write you this letter and jot down some of the things you have been up to so we can remember forever.

First off, I just want to say you are such a joy in our lives. You add that extra spice we need and I love it. So here it goes with a little about you…

You are so stinking smart and always on the go.

You are into EVERYTHING and are one busy gal. I don’t recall your big sister being so inquistive, lol. You love getting into all the kitchen cabinets, playing in the dogs food and water bowls, momma’s makeup drawer, momma’s purse, the pantry. You name it you are into it.

You say so many words like: please (pwease), thank you (ank you), apple, banana (nana), uh uh (which you shake your little hand side to side and it means no you don’t want something, or sometimes it means yes, lol), doggie, Dolce (Dolchie aka our dog’s name), hi, bye bye, baby, uncle (new word as of this week), Momma, Dada, Mady (Mannay), sissy, G- momma momma (G-Ma), G-Pa (one of your favorite words), Sheila (Uncle Garrod’s cat and it is another favorite and you like to say it like this Sheeeeeee laaaaa it’s so cute), shoe (she), bottle (baba) and poo poo (when you see poo poo you go ewwwww poo poo and point haha)

You are a momma’s girl, no doubt about it, but when it comes to bedtime your daddy has the special touch. He can get you to bed without any problem. I on the other day cannot and you just cry and cry. I think you sense that I would cave and just bring you into bed with us, lol. You are a good snuggler, so I love to have you sleep next to us.

When you are really tired you make this cute noise over and over and over and twirl your hair and sometimes into a little knot. You like to also twirl momma’s hair, too.

You LOVE to eat food just like your momma. Your favorite these days are crackers, fruit and yogurt. I have noticed we are slowly entering the picky toddler stage.

You love to dance and you’ll do this half squat bouncing up and down thing. We have to get it on video.

You love baths and to splash everywhere.

You’ve told us for quite some time now when you go potty in your diaper. You will pat your diaper and and say poo poo even if it is pee or poop. You are recognizing when you go and that is amazing. However, when we put you on the potty you scream every time, so we will keep trying and hopefully one day it won’t be as scary.

You love your big sister so much, but you also fight with her over sharing, or if you don’t want to be bothered. It is funny to think it starts so young.

Speaking of big sis, you love putting on her shoes and will walk around with either one or both pair of her shoes. The shoe you like most is her play tennis shoes that are pink. In fact, one day you put both shoes on the right feet all by yourself. Sometimes your pant legs are scrunched up to your knee when you walk around like that and we call you Elle Elle Cool E like LL Cool J. I know daddy and I are so goofy.

I could go on and on. You are an amazing little person and I love you so much. I can’t wait to see you continue to learn and grow. So here are a few photos I took of you remembering a few other things I don’t want to forget. Let me narrate each pic for you.

I can remember your big sis wearing this exact dress when she was your age. It is so sweet to see another beautiful Hart girl wearing it. I also love the little tongue sticking out.


I had you do a kissy face and here it is. I love it! We are working on the closed mouth kiss. You like to give open mouthed kisses.


You sat down so serious for this pic. It didn’t last long, so I had to distract you with something, which would be another favorite of yours, a baby doll.


You LOVE your baby dolls and it is so sweet to see you be a little momma. Right here you just look at her like you were seeing how she was doing.


Then you had to give her a hug and console her. I love that pouty face you have going on, like you are sympathizing with her saying awww it’s okay.


It was so cute. You went and grabbed a diaper all by yourself and was trying to change your baby doll’s diaper.


And then you had to give her a big ole’ open mouthed kiss. Daddy said it looks like you are giving her CPR, lol.


To have you lay down flat on your back was a miracle, but when you have baby doll in hand it was much easier.


This was the sweetest photo. Just you and your baby doll relaxing on your rug in your nursery. It’s a super soft rug.


Then it was time to get up and moving again. I loved the little bow detail on your dress.

Elle-Blog-11Look at these gorgeous eyelashes!

Elle-Blog-12Another fun game you like to play is Peek-A-Boo, so you were having fun doing that with your curtains. Don’t mind the dust on your blinds.

Elle-Blog-6This was such a sweet photo to end your little session. You looking out your window taking the whole world in.


We love you little one. It is so much fun to see the world through your eyes. Keep on growing and learning. We’ll be there every step of the way.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this letter and continue reading all the letters from our “Letters To Our Daughters” blog circle. Please follow the link below to read the lovely letter Jess wrote to her daughter. http://www.jesshunterphotography.com/blog-/letters-to-our-daughters-yakima-lifestyle-portraits-seattle-senior-portraits

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